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Come get your links:
Fitch wonders whether Reformed doctrine makes sense when there isn’t anything to reform.
Hasidic newspaper deletes women from Situation Room pic.
Heed the traffic skeleton!
Maybe we should just let teachers do their job?


Everyone likes more links:
Myths about Bin Laden’s death.
Speaking of OBL, some ivory tower egghead figured out where Bin Laden was, like, two years ago.
Wait, who are we talking about again?
Don’t worry, he was just some loser from the early 2000s.
Meanwhile, at home, if this is what they mean by a gravy train, then let’s have more of them.

Tasty Wednesday Links

Some tasty weekend links:
-Wedgeworth on knowing the will of God
-The American Scene on why public sector unions are a bad  idea
-Google trends exposes the education system
-Meghan McArdle on the problem with just ‘taxing the rich’ and the need for a consumption tax


Rainy day here, but rain won’t stop the links:
Neat freaks.
Peanuts without the final panel is a lot darker.
Blogs are a male-dominated club.
The financial sector brain-drain.


Give the people the links they want:
All currencies are backed by a promise.
Weird distortions of parables.
Overcoming internalized stereotypes.
Best cartoon from xkcd ever.
Lastly, if you’ve been watching the events in Libya, you may have noticed that the belligerents like to drive around in Toyota pickups, as they do in much of Middle East and North Africa. Top Gear explains:


You know you want more links:

The global reach of a few high-profile preachers and how it allows them to pass judgment on everyone else.

If you want to torture yourself, go here.

The ugliest sports car contest.

The sex-advice columnist as a different sort of social conservative.

Who will run China? (Probably a question that we in the West might want to pay attention to in the coming decades.)

Anne Hathaway and the irrationality of markets.


Here are some tasty links!

This first link is for winners only  – it’s mashups of New Yorker cartoons and Charlie Sheen quotes.

When libertarianism is really just plain old interest politics.

Your brain sometimes can’t figure out how many arms you have?!

Simple economics reveals that many people prefer living downtown and not in the ‘burbs.

Cowboy Star Wars?

Pre-marital sex wasn’t invented in 1967.

Who is craziest of them all?


Some links on the eve of Toronto’s Snowpocalypse ’11:

Tolstoy’s rules for life.

There’s been more continuity in the last 30 years of American politics than you might think.

Google hacks Mubarak.

Merton’s “right thinking man.”

Thomas Kincade’s stupid and ugly paintings also lead to bad theology.


Serving up some tasty links on a snowy day:

Thankfully, economists don’t design highways.

Who is really on the margins? A debate ensues.

The limits of neuroscience.

Another story on Protestants converting to Eastern Orthodoxy. (I’m curious whether this phenomenon is real or just one of those things that reporters keep repeating as a stock story like razors in apples at Halloween.)


Some tasty links served Brooks style: 

This looks like a great resource for seeing the whole story of God’s plan of redemption

George Grant explains the Christian origins of Boxing Day. Contrast this with the stores in Florida where I’m vacationing, 3/4’s of which were open on Christmas. Unbelievable.

Doug Wilson defends gay jokes.

Richard Dawkins finally debates Bill Craig. Well, sort of. Here’s some proof.

How should we fix public schools? Bill Gates says fire the bad teachers. Agreed.