Welcome to our little blog that is broadly about religion and culture. Why “City of God?” We aren’t providing a commentary on the work by Augustine (though it can come up in conversation), and we aren’t talking about the Brazilian film either. City of God in our context refers to the idea of a city as a place where people with often divergent views and goals have to share life together. We don’t really have a single, cohesive view but rather a collection of differing views on religion, culture, politics, economics, and so on. We make for a lousy echo chamber, but that’s part of our goal here. Not to shout across at the “other side” but to engage with each other.


If we’re using something that you created (images, illustrations, et cetera) don’t freak out, just let us know that you’re the creator/owner of said work and we can take it down if you’d rather we do so.