Another Voice Against The Confederate Flag


And this is a significant one too, since I don’t think you can much more conservative and Southern than Russell Moore. As of this week Dr. Moore is ready to declare that he has had enough with displays of the Confederate battle flag. You should read the whole thing, but there are a couple stand-out quotes:

“The Confederate States of America was not simply about limited government and local autonomy; the Confederate States of America was constitutionally committed to the continuation, with protections of law, to a great evil. The moral enormity of the slavery question is one still viscerally felt today, especially by the descendants of those who were enslaved and persecuted.”

This is something that is strenuously denied by apologists for the south, but is plainly there in the language of those who led the Confederacy.

“As those in Christ, this descendant of Confederate veterans has more in common with a Nigerian Christian than I do with a non-Christian white Mississippian who knows the right use of ‘y’all’ and how to make sweet tea.”

The slicing away of ethnic identity is something that we see hinted in not only in Galatians 3:28 but in the fact that Saul of Tarsus decided to go by Paul – no longer the name of an Israelite king from his own tribe, but the name of Roman, probably one whose immediate forefathers had been slaves.

“The Confederate Battle Flag may mean many things, but with those things it represents a defiance against abolition and against civil rights. The symbol was used to enslave the little brothers and sisters of Jesus, to bomb little girls in church buildings, to terrorize preachers of the gospel and their families with burning crosses on front lawns by night.

That sort of symbolism is out of step with the justice of Jesus Christ. The cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire.”

Holding on to something that divides like the Confederate battle flag does is, I think Dr. Moore implies here, a form of idolatry. There is no good reason to keep displaying the stars and bars. But again, don’t take that up with me, you can argue with a son of the south, Russell Moore.