The Tony Jonestown Massacre

It appears that a certain theologian is trying to scrub the internet of any references to allegations that he was an abusive and manipulative jerk. Your humble scribes here at City of God were listed among those that said theologian’s lawyers insisted that his ex-wife (and alleged victim) ask to engage in self-censorship. I don’t actually know what the rationale is behind this court order however I know that said theologian has tried this routine in the past:

…and claimed he was trying to protect his kids or something. (Because they totally read random theology blogs, right.)

It is worth noting that this legal order in no way disputes the basic facts of any of these postings – it is not asking us or anyone else to correct false or misleading information, one imagines if someone was prepared to lawyer up to this degree and not actually sue for libel, then the plaintiff must basically accept that the information being shared is fundamentally accurate.

As for what is supposed to be removed, I can’t speak for what anyone other I wrote, but mostly I just linked to other, convincing (in my mind) accounts and shared my opinion that this would seem to indicate that this theologian is a terrible person, or something to that effect. See? I can’t even be bothered to read my old posts, that some random lawyer in a flyover state thinks should be removed for the sake of children who will definitely never encounter them.

Maybe it’s I’m wrong though, maybe all these allegations are false (they are, after all, only allegations). I do however view with deep suspicion someone who takes this sort of censorious view of the internet, and to that end I say to hell with this, I’m not drinking your Kool-Aid.