Mr. Jones And You

Who dresses this way? I mean other than ska musicians.

Who dresses this way? I mean other than ska musicians.

So it looks like lots of other people have had things to say about the attempted internet clampdown prosecuted by former Mighty Mighty Bosstones member theologian-huckster Tony Jones. Lots of people have told me to shut up in my life, but no one until now has had their lawyer try to force the issue, so I’m going to provide all the links I can find for anyone else who has something to say about this act of callow douchery.

The Naked Pastor has a colourful image for us. He also brought something that came to my mind, the “Streisand effect” – trying to squash a minor story can turn it into a big deal.

Stephanie Drury reminds us that this is a completely voluntary request that no one is under obligation to obey.

Brother Maynard echoes this sentiment.

Bill Kinnon points out that he has been asked by Tojo’s ex-wife to take his post down (like everyone else, he’s declining, because, well, duh).

Jasdye reminds us that this is part of a larger problem of big-name religious celebrities getting a free pass all the time. (Hey did you hear? Driscoll’s making a comeback!)

Anyone else I’m missing? I’ll add to the list.