No Heroes Redux


Three and-a-half years ago I wrote about the problems of a church star system, and while some of the characters find themselves in different roles, many of them have remained stubbornly on the scene. The more we have the ability, through different media platforms, the more we find out that people we might have admired are actually pretty rotten characters. If you are not careful, your big name Christian superstars (be they Reformed or Anabaptist or Emergent) become your idols. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am, at this stage of my life, too old and too tired to have much concern for defending the powerful, just because some of them might have said something I once found agreeable. Maybe some of these people have written or said things of value at one time or another, certainly scoundrels are capable of great observation. If you want to work off of their ideas, okay, fine, quote them as opposed to giving them platforms to stroke their egos. And do me a favour: stop defending their indefensible behaviour.