How I Feel About Posting More Mars Hill Stuff These Days

If you want, you can follow along here or here for some very good reporting. I think that it’s valuable that we have a full accounting of whatever has gone on within the Mars Hill community. The senior leadership of Mars Hill (read: executive elders, Board of Oversight and Accountability) need to humbly but thoroughly embrace the meaning of James 3:1: they have presumed to be teachers to the entire protestant Christian community, and they will be judged accordingly. That said, I don’t know if there’s any need for me to specifically pile on with respect to Mars Hill. I’ll continue to post stuff generally on effective church governance and oversight and the dangers of spiritual abuse, but at this stage for me to make any further mention of Mars Hill just seems superfluous. It’s just sad that, unlike with the Krustyburglar, this is not just an act.