Racism and Bullying in Canada

I heard a horrible story on the CBC news this morning about an eleven year old boy named Torrence Collier who is the victim of racist bullying in Westport, Newfoundland. It is so bad that he has to have security protection in his school and has to use a separate washroom, all because he is the only black kid on the island. Torrence has expressed the desire to die. Sadly, I am not surprised that this sickening, racist behaviour can happen in Canadian society. This is the wickedness of sin in the human heart. Torrence’s story has bothered me, so I ended up finding him on Facebook to send him a message. There is no “add friend” option, which must be a means of protecting him. I decided to send him a message, but his security function wouldn’t allow me to. I thought I would post what I wrote here in case he happened to Google himself. I hope it is of some encouragement.

Hi Torrence,

I don’t know if you’re the young man being bullied that I heard about on the CBC this morning. But if so, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Please know that the horrid things that people in your community say about you is not actually about you. Racism is not about the person being picked on, but is about the evil in the hearts of the racists.
God created all people equally in his image, you can read about that in the opening book of the bible called Genesis. You are God’s creation and he values you and loves you more than you will ever know. God hates racism. He always stands with those who are picked on. Jesus was despised and hated by the whole world, and even his friends turned their backs on him. Yet he showed the greatest act of love on the cross by saving us from our sins. You can read about that in the bible in the Gospel of Matthew.
Don’t let these racists get you down, because they will win if you do. Rise above them and show them love and grace. This can make you into a kind and caring person and can help you help others who will face the same sad things you are facing. You’re a young man, and these are difficult things to process, but pray for God’s grace to help you. I will pray for you.

God bless,

His community should be utterly ashamed of themselves. I hope his parents get out of there.