Walter White as the (Anti)Christ

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Holy spoilers batman! Don’t go below the fold if you haven’t watched the series finale of Breaking Bad (and still want to).

So Breaking Bad ended, and did so in a way that many are lauding (or at least comparing favourably to The Sopranos’ series finale). I dryly tweeted at the end that Walt’s side was pierced for his transgressions. Did anyone else notice that Walter White’s fatal wound was in his side and therefore bore a resemblance to many depictions of Christ crucified? It’s a bit crazier than that because this happened while Walter White was in the midst of freeing Jesse Pinkman from being a prisoner held in a pit. Walt is still a monster, and ultimately spends his final moments admiring his meth lab as his greatest creation, but there was a weird atonement-y sort of gloss on that final scene. Or was that just me?