New Series on the Front Porch

For those of you who enjoy the Front Porch Republic you might be interested to know that they have begun a series titled “One Thousand Words.” Here is their series description:

Over the next few months, perhaps longer, several dozen contributors will tell us what we need to know about a wide variety of figures—some obscure, some not—in one thousand words or less. Forthcoming: posts on Dwight MacDonald, Mozart, Chekhov, Foucault, Leo Strauss, Paul Gottffried, Charles Taylor, Irving Babbitt, Bernard Lonergan, Machiavelli, HansUrs von Balthasar. And many more.

The first in the series focuses on the poet and literary critic Yvor Winters. Judging from this piece, it should be a good series. I’m especially interested to see that they will do articles on theologians like Lonergan and von Balthasar!