Baptists as Puritans

The Anglican George Herbert Curteis (1824-1894) said the following about the Baptists in his Bampton Lectures of 1871:

Now all these three principles are closely connected together; and indeed they are all, fundamentally, one. And that one fundamental principle is—Puritanism. Yes; the Baptists are essentially … ‘Puritans;’ and—I think it must be honestly confessed—they, and they only, are really consistent and logically unassailable Puritans. If Puritanism is true, the Baptist system is right. If Puritanism is a grand mistake, and the most singularly unchristian of all the (so to say) ‘orthodox’ misapprehensions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then the Baptist system falls to the ground of itself.

George Herbert Curteis, Dissent, in its Relation to the Church of England (London: Macmillan and Co., 1872), cited in Garry Stephen Weaver Jr., “Hercules Collins: Orthodox, Puritan, Baptist” (PhD dissertation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2013), 98.