Andrew Sullivan Vs. Douglas Wilson

Here’s a little debate they had with Peter Hitchens as moderator:

As for me, I think that the what carried the day for Sullivan was what I have seen here in Canada, there has been widespread access to civil marriage for gay couples for a decade in Ontario and the whole country for eight years and I cannot see some sort of marked disaster for our society as a whole. The polygamists were here before gay marriage, and they have not grown more numerous or more powerful since the early-mid 2000s. Given this state of affairs, I do not see why evangelical Christians should continue to push more resources into telling people who should be allowed to marry whom. I’m reading a bit of Aquinas these days (it’s really easy to get anything in the public domain onto your phone now) and perhaps something about this cosmic order bit will impress to me why I need to barge into other people’s homes and tell them who they can and cannot marry, but so far I have my doubts.