Some Recent Publications

Sorry for what is about to amount to some pretty shameless self-promotion. But below are a couple of publications of mine I thought I’d bring to your attention.

The upcoming issue of the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology has (very) kindly published an article of mine titled “‘The Conduit to Conveigh Life’: James Ussher’s Immanuel and Patristic Christology.” Here is a link to the site info and here is the PDF that they have kindly allowed me to publish. The article is a summary of my master of theology dissertation that I completed at Toronto Baptist Seminary under the supervision of Michael A. G. Haykin; Dennis Ngien and Crawford Gribben were external examiners. In the thesis and article I explore the influence of patristic language on James Ussher’s christology. I must say that David Reimer, editor of SBET was incredibly kind and helpful with the editing of the article, I really can’t thank him enough. Nor can I thank Drs. Haykin, Ngien and Gribben enough for all of their help and support over the years.

Dr. Haykin and I also recently co-authored a book called “O Lord, Thy Word is Settled In Heaven”: A Celebration of the History of Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church, 1920-2013 (read it at Google Books). Like an earlier book we published for Hughson Street Baptist, this is a short account of the life of this very important Toronto church. It was gratifying to be a part of Mount Pleasant’s celebration last month, and working with Dr. Haykin was a tremendous blessing.

More to come (DV)!