Fighting Over A Shrinking Pie

I was mildly amused reading Keith’s last post about how Rob Bell has a new book and then the link to Denny Burk in which the latter devotes an entire blog post to explaining that Rob Bell is irrelevant (which is why he needs an entire post, right). What’s amusing to me about all that is how Bell and Burk seem so similar. It’s almost comical that they even bear a passing resemblance, if not brothers they could certainly be first cousins. It strikes me that Bell and Burk (and Burk’s Reformed proxies at New St. Andrew’s) are contesting for the same, shrinking group of people: those with at least some memory or connection to Protestant Christianity particularly of an evangelical flavour. I blogged about this some years ago here. It seems unlikely that that growing group of people who have grown up with no memory of church, no association with it, not even a perfunctory Easter visit to anchor them would ever just pick up Rob Bell’s book about God-talk or anything that come out of the Gospel Coalition and/or Canon Press or any other Reformed mouthpiece. I think is what Fitch has been on about for a while now.