Piper and Modern Sandemanianism

I’m reading the little booklet by John Piper on the life of Andrew Fuller, and I came across this one-off statement that I found surprising.

Before we draw out some lessons for ourselves, I want to deal briefly with Fuller’s engagement with Sandemanianism. Fuller’s response to this deadening movement of his day was part of the platform for the missionary movement, and it is amazingly relevant for our day because of its bearing on the debates ¬†about the nature of justifying faith. I just tuned into the debate between R. Scott Clark and Douglas Wilson over at Scott’s blog, Heidelblog, and there were elements of it that relate directly to Fuller’s response to Sandemanianism (though no one there would be in the category of Sandemanian).

John Piper, Andrew Fuller: I Will Go Down, If You Will Hold the Rope (Minneapolis/Louisville: DesiringGod/The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, 2012), 21.

I wish that Piper had spelled this out a little bit more; it leaves readers asking questions without getting any answers.