A Meditation On Psalm 131

I was perusing my old blog  and found a post on a spiritual discipline JP Moreland recommended for alleviating anxiety. I’m transferring it over here as I still find the practice useful.

In a sermon at Anaheim Vineyard, Moreland recommended the following:

Compose your life by intentionally going into solitude and quiet.

  1. Find a comfortable place in your office or home.
  2. Regularly sit there—anywhere from 5 min—1.5 hrs
  3. “Father, I receive you …” Over and over
  4. Tell the Lord about what’s distracting you and then tell him you’re going to set it aside and come back to it later
  5. Focus on being present with Jesus in the moment
  6. “Father I receive your peace”
  7. Pray Phil. 4:6-7, Psalm 131 or any other Scriptures you’ve memorized

Please share if you find this helpful.