Michael Plato on New Spirituality

Michael Plato

Michael Plato teaches film, culture studies and world religions at Seneca College in Toronto, and is a fellow member at New City Baptist Church in the city’s downtown core. Last Spring Mike gave a series of excellent lectures on the history and thought of Mormonism—something that he knows a lot about due to past research interests. Sadly, due to a technical error, those lectures weren’t recorded.

Last weekend Mike gave a second series of lectures to a good crowd of people at New City, this time on neo-paganism, Jungian psychology, astrology, new age spirituality, and witchcraft. It easily matched the high quality of his last series, and I am glad to say that they were recorded. Below are the links, and I would highly recommend them. I would also recommend having Mike speak at your church or campus group. He is thorough, very knowledgeable, and above all he is a great lecturer—very entertaining and engaging!

New Spirituality 1 – New Paganism

New Spirituality 2 – Carl Jung

New Spirituality 3 – The Goddess and the Witch