Scott Masson on Gestational Limits on Abortion

Scott Masson (Phd, University of Durham) teaches at Tyndale University College, is a fellow with the Ezra Institute of Contemporary Christianity, and a pastor at Westminster Chapel in Toronto. He just completed a five-part series for The Bayview Review discussing the issue of gestational limits for abortion; the series was sparked by reader response to a piece he wrote for LifeSiteNews titled, “Biblically Speaking, Gestational Approach Unapproachable.” This is something that pro-life supporters have taken different stands on, and Scott has a definitive position that he argues forcefully. You’ll want to read all five essays in order to get to his practical advice for the pro-life movement, especially for the cause of unity among pro-lifers and for wise steps on bringing legislation to Canada.

Part 1: Gestational Limits on Abortion and the Pro-life Movement

Part 2: Are Gestational Limits on Abortion Really Pragmatic?

Part 3: The Utilitarian View of the Sanctity of Life in Gestational Limits

Part 4: The Myopia of Gestational Limits

Part 5: Practical Suggestions for the Pro-life Movement