Radner Kills It

Ephraim Radner, who teaches at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, posted an essay at The Anglican Communion Institute called, “How To Kill a Christian Church in Four Easy Steps.” It’s very strong worded, and directed at those who push for homosexual ordination in the Anglican/Episcopal church. Here are Dr. Radner’s four steps:

  1. Define the Gospel of Christ in terms of the smallest social unit and interest possible (e.g. homosexuals and their right to sexual affirmation)
  2. Define the episcopacy according to the smallest unit possible (e.g. New Hampshire and its gay bishop)
  3. Drive out anybody who has a larger vision – traditional Christians, evangelicals, Bible-readers, people who study Christian lives and thought earlier than 1968 and farther afield than NY and LA.
  4. Spend as much money as you can doing this instead of anything else and say this is “mission”.

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