New Anne Steele Book

Anne Steele was an eighteenth-century British Baptist poet and hymn-writer who beautifully expressed the highs and lows of the Christian life in verse and prose. As a Calvinist, her theology was rock solid, but as a child of Romanticism, her depth of introspection touches the heart. I am thankful that my friend Priscilla Wong is publishing Anne Steele and her Spiritual Vision with Reformation Heritage Books (click here). Priscilla and I were both students at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and her book is based on the thesis she wrote as part of her graduate studies. Priscilla and I both shared papers at last year’s meeting of the Canadian Baptist Historical Society meeting. She was one of those students who always seemed so thorough to me, and asked questions in class that I wish I had asked.

I’ve seen an advanced copy of the book, and it is excellent. With endorsements from David Bebbington (jealous!); Sharon James, and Faith Cook, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s as good as it is. I can’t wait to see a hard copy of it when it is published in August. Congratulations to Priscilla! Make sure, oh humble reader, to pick this book up! It will feed your soul! If you’d like to read excerpts from the book, learn more about Anne Steele, have Priscilla do a book reading or interview, check out here website here.