The Eternal War

This has been all over the internet, but in case you missed it Reddit user Lycerius posted about how he had been playing a single game of Civilization II for over ten years and how the result in the year 3991 was a depleted human population, a contaminated earth, and intractable nuclear war between the three remaining super-states (Americans, Celts, Vikings). There is now an entire subsection of Reddit dedicated to this story as various members of the community try to figure out how to end this conflict.

It’s very difficult to draw any serious conclusions from a simulation of something as complex as the history of human civilization – such a simulation will surely embed the biases and assumptions of the creator. Nonetheless it’s hard not to wonder if this is a possible future for the earth. If one takes a dim view of human nature, like perhaps John Calvin or the Terminator:

then this is entirely a possible future I suppose.