Protestant And Orthodox Views Of Salvation

Here’s a video of an Eastern Orthodox priest explaining (from his perspective) two views of salvation:

Here are my own thoughts on his words:

  • There’s probably something for Protestant theologians of every stripe to disagree with in the depiction of Protestantism here. That said, even though this isn’t really a pure representation of any one Protestant view, it is representative of much of popular soteriology.
  • The idea of God pursuing sinful man that he uses as an explanation of Orthodox salvation seems to be true in some sense for Reformed theology wherein God unconditionally elects and saves by grace alone.
  • In another sense the same idea doesn’t work if one’s version of Reformed theology also includes limited atonement, then it would seem that some are pursued by God, but others aren’t.
  • On the face of it, one of the appealing aspects of the Orthodox view is that it does more to make sense of Jesus’ life and ministry whereas so many Protestants seem to view Jesus life almost exclusively as a preamble to his death. While this is true in both versions, the Orthodox version seems to take a fuller view of that same life.
  • This is one of these things where I have trouble with putting theological labels on myself, I have a continued interested Orthodox views of atonement and salvation, but in most other ways I think I’m pretty reliably Protestant.