Ohm and the Universe

Reasons to Believe is the apologetics ministry of astronomer Hugh Ross, an old earth creationist who is famous for his “day age” view of Genesis 1. RTB has just started a Toronto chapter and I attended their second meeting last night. We are going through the book recently published by Ross called Why the Universe Is the Way It Is (Baker, 2008). I got the book last week and am about 80 pages into it. I have no scientific background, so it is a great introduction to issues in astronomy.

Ross makes an offhanded remark early in the book about what we know about the expansion of the universe and why it contradicts the Buddhist and Hindu notion of a reincarnating universe. He says:

The observational verifications that dark energy [this is what makes the universe expand–IHC] is the predominant component of the universe and, therefore, that the universe will expand at an ever-increasing rate put an effectual end to the oscillating universe model and to the Hindu/Buddhist concept of a reincarnating universe. Accelerating cosmic expansion means that the universe can never contract; therefore it cannot rebound. This fact eliminates the possibility of a renewal, rebirth, or second beginning for the universe.

Hugh Ross, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2008), 39.