“We Are Haunted Houses” Ctd

In the comments section of this post Andrew linked to a post by Alastair. Money quote:

“If your congregation sings only Hillsong choruses, then their emotional repertoire will be limited to about two different feelings (God-you-make-me-happy, and God-I’m-infatuated-with-you) – considerably less even than the emotional range of a normal adult person. It is why entire congregations sometimes seem strangely adolescent, or even infantile: they lack a proper emotional range, as well as a suitable adult vocabulary. But in the psalter one finds the entire range of human emotion and experience – a range that is vastly wider than the emotional capacity of any single human life.”

To the descriptors “adolescent” and “infantile” I might also like to add fake. Maybe Alastair didn’t want to go that negative, but my sense is that at least some of those Christians who come off as excessively happy are the ones who are characterized as seeming to be fake both by other Christians and by non-believers.