Some R2K Posts

I have to admit that I’m a bit befuddled by the intramural discussion of two-kingdom theology among Reformed thinkers (R2K). For me, I agree that it is important to distinguish between the two worlds that Christians live in—church and culture—and draw conclusions on how to rightly live in the church and the public sphere. I also believe in the Lordship of Christ in the way that was articulated by Abraham Kuyper. But I confess to not know enough of the debate to be able to evaluate the nuances of each view. I find that there is way too much curmudgeonly cantankerity (to coin a word) among some of the participants that blinds me from the discussion.

However, here are some helpful posts on the subject:

Matthew Tuininga, “The Two Kingdoms and the Reformed Tradition.”

Brad Littlejohn responds to Tuininga at: “Tuininga’s Kingdoms and the Reformed Tradition.”

James Cassidy has a two-part series on it: “Two Kingdom Theology and God’s Covenantal Fiat” 1 & 2.

You can also find a number of writings on R2K from Steve Wedgeworth here.