Totin’ My Old .44

Years ago my buddy The Brooks invited me to join a group blog to discuss theology; that was of course an earlier incarnation of City of God. I was terrible at regular posting, and while they kept my name on the “masthead,” I slowly dropped off their patch of the blogosphere. At that time, I had never met the other regulars. Now that I’ve hung out with Dan and Andrew, I see that the low-quality of blogging that Brooksy warned me about was truer than ever, and that they really do need help. So I’m back.

Actually, I’ve had problems with my own blog’s URL (, which has inadvertently forced me to reconsider blogging.* I ended up paying to renew the URL (twice!), but for whatever frustrating reason, RearViewMirror still isn’t working. So it sent me grovelling to the lads to “take me back Tina,” so to speak.

I thought at first that blogging at City of God would have elements of imbalance. I mean, poor old leftist Dan would have to deal with one more libertarianish co-blogger. But then it dawned on me, I’d be the only Baptist among three Presbyterians–so my tears for Dan quickly dried up. It’s great to be a dissident of dissidents. I’m also thrilled to be blogging again with Michael Buble’s stand-in–Brooksy, you’re the getaway car.

So, all that to say, I hope my track record here beats my last stab at being a citizen of the City of God.


* You can still access it at RearViewMirror.