Postcards From Christendom: Graceland

Paul Simon’s classic song is here:

Paul Simon has talked about this interviews and even if he didn’t, the double entendre in this song is pretty obvious. The first time he sings the lyric about going to Graceland he adds Memphis, Tennessee making it obvious that he’s talking about Elvis’ mansion, but then he drops Memphis and just says he’s going to Graceland. It’s clear now that “Graceland” means something other than literally a big house in Tennessee. “I have reason to believe we all will be received in Graceland” is not a line about the visitation policy at a tourist destination. Our very definition of some kind of heavenly place seems to mesh with a land of grace. So stupidly obvious to us, but still worth noting that he’s not singing about going to a mead-hall to hack his enemies to bits all day every day. A thoroughly secular song about driving through the American south is still tinged with Christian ideas. Sounds like a postcard from Christendom. If you disagree with me, well, it’s still a pretty cool song.