Did MacArthur Create The Driscoll – MacDonald Friendship?

At this year’s edition of Elephant Room, Driscoll interviews MacDonald on how he’s been taking it like a pinata at Cinco de Mayo over his decision to invite T.D. Jakes. Macdonald explains how it all got started:

Round 2. I was in California and I played golf with a well-known pastor. (He’s not a fan of you, Mark.) Not one hole, but two, three, five, eight holes, he couldn’t stop talking about everything bad Driscoll does. I was so upset about that. I got off the course and I called Jack Graham, who has everyone’s cell phone number. I said, “Jack, get me Driscoll’s number.” It took him five minutes. Mark picked up, and I said “hello.” I knew he had one of my books on his website so he knew who I was. We talked. He came to Chicago and we went to a Cubs game. Then I called him and said, “We’re going to Haiti.”

Macdonald discusses elsewhere his golfing with MacArthur in California.