Glittering Prizes

Does church ever remind you of Rush’s “Spirit of Radio”:

Okay, maybe not, but let me try to unpack this a bit. Rush is singing to a crowd of concertgoers about “all this machinery making modern music” and suggesting that “glittering prizes and endless compromises” do violence to the eponymous spirit of radio – probably that special connection one feels towards music when one is, say, 16. Seeing the inside of the industry, seeing how music gets made up close makes for disillusionment about something that you once thought was magical or maybe even spiritual. This phenomenon describes a bit where I am with church right now. Jesus is good, the idea of church seems good, but the real, actually existing church seems like so much coldly-charted machinery. Maybe this is a function of seeing friends go through ministry, seeing too much of the inner workings of certain churches. I end up though unable not to see a connection between church and a song with a chorus talking about “bearing a gift beyond price, almost free” ends by screaming about salesmen.