“The Real Of Our Lives” Ctd

A few people bristled a few weeks ago when I quoted Zizek’s assertion that capitalism was the “Real of our lives” as evidenced by the ability of the fractious international community to unite in order to save the banks. Here is A. C. Grayling (who is no fan of Zizek) making a very similar point in Liberty In The Age Of Terror:

“That our own governments are busy destroying civil liberties, and creating large new problems in the process, should dismay all who live in the West. But it is happening with too little awareness, too little discussion, and too little accountability. When the financial markets of the world collapse, discussion of every aspect of what it means and why it happened is endless, and governments spend billions to bail out the banks who caused the problem in the first place with nothing short of feckless greed. Arguably the irresponsibility and cupidity of people in the finance industry has done far more harm than terrorism. But an even greater collapse in the socio-political order of the rights, freedoms and autonomy of individuals is discussed only by a few, and almost always too late: the contrast is stark and telling.”