Let’s Valourize Our Hobbies!

The Twitterverse has pointed me to a post in which Mark Driscoll (surprise!) thinks that mixed-martial arts fighting is totally awesome and acceptable for Christians. I guess my overall response is that I just don’t care. To be honest, I’ve never been able to *get* the appeal of MMA fighting. I intellectually grasp that, yes, there’s strategy and technique and so on, but you know what, there’s strategy and technique in chess and in Texas hold ’em, that doesn’t make them exciting to watch either. I suppose it’s very kind of Driscoll to announce that everyone has the “freedom” to enjoy MMA yet still be a Christian, though with a sort of cryptic proviso:

“Not everyone should participate in MMA, watch it, or even enjoy it. The Bible doesn’t command us to, and God’s people are free to operate according to conscience on this matter.”

Well, it’s a relief to know that we are not commanded to participate in MMA. Still, does every hobby merit this kind of scrutiny? It’s clear that Driscoll just enjoys MMA and he apparently wants other Christians to get into it as well, or something. A large chunk of the post is about various Christians who are also MMA fighters and how this is evidence that MMA is somehow godly. I feel like the overall attempt in all of this is for us to somehow credit Driscoll’s hobby to him as a kind of righteousness – look how Christian MMA is and look how Driscoll enjoys it.

Slow clap.

Until someone addresses the key problem with MMA, which is that it is often more boring than baseball, I can’t be bothered with it.