King Of The Hill Ctd

There has been some controversy over the legitimacy of Mars Hill Seattle’s cease and desist letter to that other Mars Hill church in Sacramento. The gist of Driscoll Inc.’s claim is that the site and logo of the other Mars Hill was so similar as to cause confusion. Of course the really simple thing to do here is actually look at the logos.

Here’s Mars Hill Seattle:

Here are the supposed copycats in Sacramento:

Wow. An “M” in a circle. Given that 90% of church logos are either a cross or something that incorporates the initials of church’s name, this circled M thing is hardly a smoking gun sort of bit of evidence. You would have to be, well, legally blind to confuse these logos. If this is the standard then both Mars Hill churches had better be on the watch for other circled M’s:

Surely if anyone has a claim to the stylized M in a circle, good ol’ Motorola probably has the strongest one. As far as the way in which they claim the website might cause confusion, well, both sites have a sort of horizontal rectangle with a slideshow in it and some links around it. But I’ve also just described what most “hip” churches consider good web design. So this is what Mars Hill Seattle has gathered as evidence against the alleged imposter: an M in a circle and a very common site layout.

If this is their weaksauce defence for unleashing lawyers on another church that is apparently using a common Christian reference as a church name, then Mars Hill Seattle might want to consider walking back its attack on bloggers. Of course I don’t expect that given that Driscoll has made it clear that he finds bloggers, like fiction authors and smaller churches, beneath his consideration (unlike other megachurch pastors).