Swine Or Swineherd?

From an appendix of Richard Hays’ The Faith of Jesus Christ:

Indeed, at the 1988 meeting of the Pauline Theology Group, Prof. [JDG] Dunn, observing the pronounced shift in North American scholarship towards the “faith of Jesus Christ” position, compared this movement to the headlong rush of the Gerasene swine into the sea. In response, I likened him to the Gerasene swineherds who begged Jesus to go away and leave them alone. Clearly, rhetorical tensions were rising, and the kairos for judgment was at hand. The steering committee of the Pauline Theology Group decided to ask Professor Dunn and me to elucidate our disagreement in a manner somewhat more exegetical and somewhat less dependent on typological interpretation of Mark 5. Hence, the present essay. [274]