Some Thoughts on Libya

The US is about $14 trillion in debt. In 2010, the US added $3.5 billion to her IOU pile every day. Just so you know, that’s $2 million per minute. So, what’s another $1 billion on a major war with Libya? Initially the US restricted itself to only providing air support and intelligence to the rebels, promising to abstain from sending in ground troops. And yet, a spokeswoman for NATO recently said that if the UN or the Libyan revolutionaries request it, NATO would be willing to help in a supporting role. And I’m not even going to discuss the estimated 2,000 – 13,000 casualties that the Libyan intervention has brought about. (The reason why we don’t know for sure is NATO isn’t ‘officially’ taking a body count). This is especially important as the stated intention of the Libyan intervention was to prevent more civilian casualties.

Complicating this even further are the recent developments that 1) Libyan revolutionaries may be targeting black migrant workers for fear that they’re mercenaries; 2) The Libyan revolutionaries recently killed the leader of their armed forces; 3) A top military commander for the Libyan revolutionaries appears to have major ties to Al Qaeda. If Pepe Escobar of the Asia Times is right, that Al Qaeda asset was arrested in Bangkok in 2003 and transferred to a secret prison in 2004 where he was tortured. US intelligence gave him as a gift to Qadaffi in 2004, but was freed by Libya in 2010. This man is now a top revolutionary commander … I’m sure that’s going to turn out well for the West.

It’s revolting that Conservatives are at the forefront of pushing this charade along. They would do well to have heeded the advice of Russell Kirk, one of the chief founders of American conservatism, given in a speech at the Heritage Foundation in 1991.

Are we to saturation-bomb most of Africa and Asia into righteousness, freedom, and democracy? And, having accomplished that, however would we ensure persons yet more unrighteous might not rise up instead of the ogres we had swept away? Just that is what happened in the Congo, remember three decades ago; and nowadays in Zaire, once called the Belgian Congo, we zealously uphold with American funds the dictator Mobutu, more blood-stained than Saddam. And have we forgotten Castro in Cuba?

Given that a sizable contingent of Libyan revolutionaries appear to be from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, who since 1996 have been trained at two camps in Taliban-run Afghanistan, I’d say there’s a good chance five years from now we’ll say that Libya might have been better off with Qaddafi at the helm.

And people call Ron Paul crazy for being a non-interventionist.