Liberalism And The Deathbed

I took a course this summer to help me transition into my new role as Guidance Head at the high school that I teach at. Largely, like any education course, it was useless. There were some glimmers of hope though. One day we had a bereavement counselor come into speak to us about children and death. She was someone who had her parents die as a teenager and has devoted her life to counseling kids as young as kindergarten deal with the death of a parent.

I learned a lot from the presentation. For example, she said that when an adult grieved the loss of a spouse it was akin to drowning in the ocean. However, when a kid grieves the loss of a parent it’s more like drowning in a deep puddle. The difference is that kids can easily move in and out of that puddle. When they’re out of the puddle they’ll appear to have moved on, playing with their friends without a care in the world. But, when they’re in that puddle they’ll feel the depth of their loss as deeply as any adult would. So it’s not weird for a kid to seem as if everything is alright after a parent has died. They’ll come back to it and the pain will be intense.

Good tip.

Unfortunately, this woman was very weak when it came to matters of God and death. Whereas she continually appealed to the ‘facts’ when it came to the psychology of bereavement she transitioned to a vapid subjectivism when it came to God. Who was she to judge a person’s beliefs about the after life? Huh. Really?

Now I see the struggle with counseling people who have diverse religious beliefs dealing with death. I get it. But my God, death is serious and God is even more serious. It’s no time for an appeal to a self-indulgent fact-value distinction.

To see what I mean watch the clip below. As someone who has spent some time in hospitals with dying people there are few things more reprehensible to me than gooey liberal chaplains. You’ll see what I mean.