What To Do When You Doubt

I just finished up a philosophy course by John Frame from Reformed Theological Seminary. In it, Frame touched upon an interesting facet of Blaise Pascal’s thought. When discussing what to do when the believer struggled with doubts, Pascal recommended they they continue to go to mass, participate in communion, etc. and they would eventually be able to believe. “Act as if you believe, and eventually you will.”

In his lecture notes, Frame says the following:

Is Pascal recommending hypocritical participation in worship as a preparation for true faith? This is unlikely in view of his general emphasis on heart commitment. More likely he is talking about people who have intellectual doubts. For them, often, the best advice is not metaphysical arguments, but to get involved with preaching and worship, to attend to areas of the relgious life other than the strictly intellectual. This life-style can create the passional prerequisites for actual Christian belief.