Talk To Me Like I’m Stupid: Incarnation, Crucifixion And The Trinity

Note: I’m stealing this title from Ta-Nehisi Coates who periodically does “Talk To Me Like I’m Stupid” posts where he’ll ask about something that he’s curious about and just wants to get information from his readers. Anyway, that’s what I think he’s doing with it, and it’s in this spirit that I wrote this post.

“For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son…” You all know that line, but the implications of the Trinity are that God the father send God the son, or, if we short-circuit it, God sent God. It gets more interesting though…

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” But Jesus is fully God, he is forsaking himself? I know that this is a quote from a Psalm, but still this is curious. God sends his son, but he sends himself by doing so, does he not? So why is Jesus saying he is God-forsaken? Has his, err, “God-ness” departed him so that he’s just a man? That doesn’t seem correct. Is he just so delirious from pain that he’s confused and says this? That also seems odd. In what sense is Jesus God-forsaken on the cross? He can’t be God apart from the Trinity (or else Christianity is polytheism, just like many of its opponents have claimed over the centuries). But I don’t think that Jesus can stop being God either. But why does he seem so much like just a man on the cross? Is this just part of the mystery of the Trinity?