Can I Get A Witness? Or Do I Need One?

Here’s something that stood out to me from the quote I posted below about Calvinists interacting with Emergents:

“Seriously, how do you witness to a guy like Frank Schaeffer who was drilled with Reformed Theology and was raised by perhaps the best Reformed Apologist ever to grace the planet Earth?”

So, for those who don’t know, Frank Schaeffer is the son of Francis Schaeffer, one of the founders of the so-called Religious Right in the US. Frank distanced himself from the Religious Right and converted to Greek Orthodox Christianity. Here’s what I want to know: do Protestants really need to “witness” to Orthodox (or Roman Catholic for that matter) Christians?

Let me qualify this, yes Christians can engage each other critically about the finer points of the faith and so on, we wouldn’t blog if we didn’t think this were so. The connotation of the word witness though is usually that someone is bringing Christianity to a party totally outside of Christian belief (remember that “martyr” derives from the Greek for “witness”). No one really suggests that Paul “witnessed” to Peter over the whole eating with Gentiles thing. Yes, during the Reformation when all Western Christians had intramural heresy accusations flying around there was talk about martyrs or witnesses. But do we really think that all Roman Catholics or all Orthodox are in need of witness? (Yes there are “cultural” Orthodox and Catholics and so on, but there are surely “cultural” evangelicals in places too – and I wouldn’t put Schaeffer into that category.)