Two Posts On Church Polity

Bill Kinnon discusses some anti-Congregationalist comments made by James MacDonald recently.

I’ve mentioned the views polity I sympathize with on polity recently (e.g.) (I agree with Richard Hooker that, apart from the necessity for some sort of officers of order, no further rules about polity are laid down in scripture), but I also wanted to point our readers to an interesting post from Lue-Yee Tsang:

James Ussher’s proposal for reduced episcopacy does call for consensus decision-making as the norm, but it isn’t the democracy that Congregationalists want. If churchly authority can be obeyed, it ought to be obeyed, not subjected to an extra round of congregational voting; in an established church, the system of checks and balances includes acts of Parliament, which eliminates the need for clamour. If things are going so badly that the status quo overturns the judgement of Scripture, have a reformation rather than a schism. I do believe any endeavour toward church unity and catholicity will have to end in congregationalist polity dissolved. Unless the structure’s become apostatical, all must commit to working within the system rather than pulling out.