The Toronto District School Board and Homosexuality

I’d like some feedback (and correction?) on this but it appears that the Toronto District School Board is now forbidding parents from opting their kids out of classes that touch on homosexuality.

Their policy suggests children are forced to join the board’s comprehensive “anti-homophobia” curriculum that promotes Toronto’s raunchy Pride parade to kindergarteners and aims to transform students into social activists by the end of high school.

The school board’s curriculum on “equity” for homosexuals, called ‘Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism’, says parents cannot have their children removed from “human rights education” because of religious reasons.

“If a parent asks for his or her child to be exempted for any discussions of LGBTQ family issues as a religious accommodation, this request cannot be made because it violates the Human Rights Policy,” the document reads.

Religious freedom, they write further, “is not absolute” and religious accommodation in the school board “is carried out in the larger context of the secular education system.”

Conflict seems obvious and inevitable on this issue. This is going to put left leaning evangelicals in a real awkward position. When the State begins to devour Christian families and teachers who object to this decision (and if not this one, others like it) what will left leaning evangelicals do? I can’t see any middle ground on this issue. Sylvia Keesmaat, what will your response be? I’m legitimately curious.

My prediction is that in the next 10-15 years as the heat is turned up, many will leave the faith in any orthodox sense. Like always there are too many who follow Christ with conditions attached. And as soon as job or family or security is threatened they will go. But no matter. Pope Benedict has recently said that though the Catholic Church of the future will be much smaller it will be much better. The same is true of us.

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