Natural Supernaturalists

An illustration of a memorable Desert Father's saying by Joel Garver:

Though I might quibble with one sentence (Theravada Buddhism is arguably not supernaturalistic, though only arguably so), this is worth pondering:

The supernatural is not at odds with human nature, nor with the nature of creatures; it belongs, so to speak, to humanity’s essence. Human beings are images of God and akin to God and by means of religion stand in a direct relation to God. The nature of this relation implies that God can both objectively and subjectively reveal himself to human beings created in his image. There is no religion without tradition, dogma, and cult; and every one of these realities is interwoven with the concept of revelation. All religions, accordingly, are concrete and are based not only on natural but also on (real ore supposed) supernatural revelation. And all human beings by nature recognize the supernatural. Naturalism, like atheism, is an invention of philosophy that has no support in human nature. As long as religion is integral to the essence of our humanity, so long will human beings be and remain supernaturalists. All believers, regardless of their particular persuasion, though they may be naturalists in their head, are supernaturalists in their heart. [Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics vol. 1, 308]