How Then Shall We Act?

Attempted Arrest of 5 Members of the House of Commons by Charles I

So, I have a question for our readers. It’s a pretty big one, but I hope that fact will open it up for some good discussion.

Two prefatory notes:

(1) It seems to me that the vast majority of people in the West do not really want any kind of radical political change, or at least, if they do, they do not want it very badly. I deduce this from the fact that no elections have brought any very radical changes about in quite some time.

(2) I will stipulate that I do not think a violent revolution by a minority will accomplish anything. In my mind, it will just end up in a brutal crushing of those involved, and leave a bad taste in the mouth of the public for any kind of real change.

So here’s my question: what should we be doing, right now, to change our political culture, and the system that we are living in, toward something we think would be closer to the ideal? I leave “the ideal” open-ended, since I know our readers will not agree amongst themselves (and, for that matter, neither will the authors of the blog, perhaps). ┬áBut I think, since we spend lots of time (and not just us, but the blogosphere in general) doing critical analysis (which has its place), I’d kind of like to have a more productive and constructive discussion about the kinds of activity that would be effective and helpful in our context.

Thoughts? I don’t care how extensive the input; anything will do.