A Biblical Doctrine Of Perfection

I’m still processing this so I’m not sure if I agree 100% but here’s Don Garlington responding to Mark Seifrid on what the Bible means by ‘perfection.’ For Garlington it’s definitely not sinless perfection.

It is regrettable that Seifrid does not define “perfection” in biblical terms, leaving the impression with the general reader that the term is to be understood more or less as it is in English. But the fact of the matter is that in the Jewish milieu, as P. J. Du Plessis has shown, “perfection” is principally a “cultic” and “quantitative” term, indicating “wholeness, entirety and intactness.” “Perfection,” according to Du Plessis, is wholeness in one’s relationship to God. D. Peterson adds that the concept is not formal or abstract. While conceding that perfection in the Old Testament is not essentially a moral concept, it does involve “loving obedience to God as the one who, in his mercy, has initiated the relationship with man.” Therefore, to walk in perfection in all God’s ways is hardly “sinless perfection,” but rather a wholehearted commitment to honor the entirety of the Lord’s revealed will. Otherwise put, perfection is simply a David-like desire to seek God and follow his commandments with all one’s heart (Psalm 119:2, 10, 34, 69, 145).