Myths About Old Princeton

In the comment thread for David Fitch’s post about Reformed theology and mission, some discussion was had about the role of Old Princeton. I’ve recently been listening to an iTunesU lecture series from Reformed Theological Seminary on “The Legacy of Old Princeton“. One lecture in particular is focused entirely on the role of Princeton in missions:

The Last Command – 02

Another lecture discusses the old canard that the Princetonians were “rationalists”, apparently ignoring the place of piety and spiritual discipline in the Christian life:

The Last Command – 01

Finally, the first lecture discusses the ideas the Princetonians had about the place of reason and learning in the faith, addressing the common slur that Old Princeton was “fundamentalist”:

Faith and Learning

One choice quote from this lecture:

In a sermon preached to the Princeton students on John 1:14… Warfield said that Christians must cultivate an attitude of courage in the pursuit of truth, not leaving the field to unbelievers and enemies of the church, but must become leaders in every science. Failure in this has meant that Christians have borrowed from others false theories in philosophy, science, and criticism, have made unnecessary concessions to them, and have brought upon themselves–as they were compelled to change their positions from time to time–unnecessary disgrace.

There are three more lectures in the series I haven’t linked to here, two of them about faith and science, which may be of interest to some readers.