A Simple Argument For The Pro-Life Position

I’m a high school teacher and one of the courses that I teach is grade 12 Challenge and Change in Society. It’s sort of a mish mash of world issues and psychology, sociology and anthropology. My students are presenting their end of year ISU’s and I was delighted to see a student present a very persuasive pro-life argument. I’m not sure if she went into the ISU pro-life, but after carefully reading The Case For Life by Scott Klusendorf, she was definitely convinced.

Klusendorf has outlined a compelling way to argue for the pro-life position without using Scripture. When the abortionist makes their case, they inevitably assert that fetuses are not persons. To justify this claim they will cite ways in which persons are different from fetuses, thus vindicating the act of abortion. Klusendorf effectively refutes this by pointing out that there are only four fundamental differences between a fully grown human and a fetus, and none of them provide a justification for abortion.

Here’s a helpful overview from The Discerning Citizen:

Size: The unborn are typically smaller than those already born, but since when did size have anything to do with personhood? People come in all different sizes and no reasonable person would attempt to make the case that people of one particular size are more human than anybody else.

Level of development: The unborn are the least developed of us, but this is absolutely irrelevant to personhood. The unborn are less developed than newborns, but newborns are less developed than children, and children are less developed than adults. Children do not possess fully developed reproductive systems, yet we would not attempt to make the case that they are not fully human because of it. We certainly would not make the case that we should be able to kill children because they are less developed, nor should we make such a case regarding the unborn.

Environment: A person’s location has nothing to do with their personhood. Does one become more or less of a person by walking from the parking lot into their workplace? Or out of their house to their car? Traveling down the birth canal is as irrelevant to personhood as traveling down the street.

Degree of dependency: This cuts to heart of one of the favorite arguments of the abortion crowd – the issue of viability. In other words, is a fetus really human if it cannot survive outside the womb? The abortionist would argue “no”, but the point is irrelevant to the personhood of the unborn child. There are fully grown adults that depend on caregivers, life support equipment, and medications to survive. It would be unthinkable to advocate killing such people simply because they are dependent upon another person or a machine to survive, and it ought to be the same for the unborn.