A Comedian’s View on Rob Bell

Well, sort of. If you’ve never heard of Taylor Mali, you should. He’s a full time poet and former high school teacher who became famous for his rant “What teachers make.” In this rant, introduced by Mos Def, Mali attacks our lack of conviction and our nauseating tendency to ask questions without giving answers. Mali sees this for what it really is: cowardice or a lack of anything important to say. As Mali says in the video, “It’s not enough these days to just question authority, you’ve got to speak with it too.”

After watching the Mali video, I couldn’t help think of its relevance to the Love Wins debate. Check out the trailer for Bell’s new book (or anything that Bell has done on Youtube) and then watch the Mali video. You’ll see what I mean. I’m beginning to see Rob Bell’s popularity as partially being due to his ability to tap into what is the worst about our culture.