The Division Bell

A lot of people are very upset about a book that they haven’t even read yet. Apparently Rob Bell has a book coming out soon that may or may not take a position that might possibly look vaguely like universalism if you squint just right. Not waiting for the book to be published or arrive on their desks, lots of particularly Brand New Calvinists™ don’t like what this book might be about. David Fitch has a very good post about this little saga. I think he gets it right when he suggests that there is a symbiosis here between HarperOne and the likes of John Piper or Justin Taylor where one side gets great book sales and the other side gets to feel all righteous about a book that they know very little about.

I don’t know all that much about Bell – he’s nowhere on my bookshelf – other than that he has previously attracted a certain amount of Calvinist ire, but it would seem silly at best and uncharitable and divisive at worst to accuse him based on a publishing blurb. Of course if I’m going to publish a book about anything, I’ll be sure to have the blurb include something like “penal substitutionary atonement and other lies from Geneva.” It seems to work.