Who Wrote The Book Of Isaiah?

In The Erosion of Inerrancy in Evangelicalism, Greg Beale devotes a chapter to who authored the book of Isaiah. Many scholars think that Isaiah was not the author of the entire book, believing that the book was the product of multiple authors. Many believe there is little chance that Isaiah authored chapters 40-66.

This is not just an abstract debate on inerrancy either. If the NT writers, Jesus especially, believed that Isaiah was the author of the book of Isaiah, and he wasn’t, then we have a major Christological problem on our hands. But more and more Christians seem to not mind being Nestorians.

Here is a summary of the main conservative arguments for the single authorship of Isaiah by Oswald Allis. It seemed to be compelling to Jesus, so I commend them to you:

1) All 15 of the latter OT prophets begin with a heading of the prophet’s name, but Isaiah 40 to 66 does not, so it appears likely that the author of Isaiah 1 to 39 is the same as that of chapters 40 to 66.

2) For 25 centuries no one questioned the authorship of Isaiah, except for one insignificant Jewish medieval interpreter.

3) The NT writers quote from all parts of the book of Isaiah and attribute those quotes to the prophet Isaiah.

4) The Qumran scroll of Isaiah shows no kind of literary break between chapters 39 and 40, just where the critics locate the most major break in authorship of the book.