What’s Happening In Egypt? Ctd

I came across this clip via Andrew Sullivan and it’s quite apropos for what’s gone on in Egypt this past several weeks:

Watch the segment between 7:40 and 8:50 in particular and you actually have a pretty good encapsulation of what has happened in Cairo’s Liberation Square lately. Everyone realized that everyone else felt the same way about Mubarak, that he was a tyrant and that he should be on his way out.

It reminds of Zizek’s talk about a game in which no one believes. Children – unless they are very young – generally have Santa Claus figured out. We can conclude that parents are likewise informed but everyone goes on as if Santa Claus is never in question. Dictatorships and other oppressive concentrations of power work in the same way. No one needed to believe in Mubarak so long as they thought that the rest of the country believed in him. Once there is mutual knowledge that no one believes in the dictator, the dictator is very much in trouble.