Ontario has a publicly funded Christian school?

So apparently Ontario has a publicly funded Christian high school. It’s an alternative school but it’s still run through a publicly funded board: the District School Board of Niagara.

Now right now you’re probably saying, yeah right, how Christian can it be? Let’s let the evidence speak for itself.

This is a quote from the principal’s letter to all students:

Eden’s Spiritual Life Department works to lead students to learn of Christ and to live for Christî. Please see the SLD website for the many advantages they bring to school life here at Eden.

The spiritual life department has four people on staff. They offer mentoring and small groups for all students. They appear to have daily chapel which is very developed. Their website states that:

The Bible is God’s grand narrative, demonstrating the creation, care and redemption of His people throughout history. We believe it is impossible to understand the character of God without encountering, exploring and engaging in the stories of His activity. In our Bible program, Grade 9 and 10 students will be exposed to these stories, sequentially, in chapel.

Beginning each September, every Grade 9 and 10 student will hear, learn and investigate different stories of the Bible, starting in Genesis and working through to Revelation.  The stories covered will be changed every other year.

Somebody pinch me. I don’t know how this school exists. It must be flying under the radar, but it’s incredible. I don’t see why parents are forced to send their kids to schools that deliberately excludes God from any meaningful part of the curriculum. To do so demonstrates just as much of a religious commitment as those that participate in daily prayer. It’s a shame there isn’t more of this in Ontario. I’d love to see the day where schools are given more autonomy to experiment and parents are given more freedom to send their kids wherever they want, public or private.